Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

If I am considering both programs, but my priority is, for instance, BITL, should I apply for both programs? In case I do not enroll in BITL but there will be places for BBA?

We would suggest applying to your priority choice program. Later during our interview, we will learn more about you and your interests therefore if we will feel that BBA would be more suitable than BITL we can make the switch. Also, it is possible to switch programs during your studies.

Is it mandatory to choose the double degree option? Can I change my mind after having already enrolled?

Double degree opportunity is optional and it is possible to change your mind and apply for it or not to go abroad when you are already a student at RBS.

Are there any scholarships available? How the receivers are obtained?

Yes, there is an Excellence Scholarship and RBS x LJBL Basketball Scholarship. You can read more here. You are automatically applying for an Excellence Scholarship by submitting your application by April 28. Excellence Scholarship receivers will be determined by each candidate’s RBS score (language test result + math entry exam result + high school grades + interview and extracurricular activities). To apply for the RBS x LJBL Basketball Scholarship, 5 years of experience with the Latvian Youth Basketball League (LJBL) is required.

What is the study fee? Is a yearly amount indicated on the website?

Please see the fees here as they differ based on the chosen program. The indicated fee is per all years of studies combined but, of course, students divide their payments per semester.

Can I write important awards in the academic distinctions section if they are older than grade 10, but are very significant?

Yes, you can. But please focus more on your recent accomplishments.

Should the School reports be translated (transcript) into English or not? And should it be with the director’s stamp or it can be just printed from the e-diary?

There is no need to translate the school report. A copy of the school report (liecība) is needed with the school’s stamp and signature.

Do I need to specify the grade if I worked in the summer or just tick the box “during the summer”?

You can tick both so that we know the approximate period but we would most likely discuss it during our interview.

Do I need TOEFL or IELTS exam results if I have studied English at school?

Studies at RBS are conducted entirely in English, and our programs are based on the American education style. TOEFL or IELTS exam is a must to confirm your language skills. The only exception is those students who are native speakers.

In addition, for RBS candidates, the TOEFL test is FREE OF CHARGE. Register by contacting the RBS Information Center at +371 67089800 or

Next TOEFL ITP test dates:

  • April 23, 10:00 and 13:00
  • June 1, 12:00
  • June 29, 10:00

Do not worry about taking the test in June. In that case, please indicate the date on which you will be taking the test in your application form.