Student Experience

When it comes to the student experience, the Student Union is the key stakeholder. They always have their best interests in mind and organize a variety of events throughout the academic year to make studying more enjoyable. Some of the biggest events organized by the Student Union include Bonding Camp for new students, Beer Pong Tournament, Car Orienteering Competition, and a variety of other events. The Student Union also represents students’ interests, cooperating with the administration to improve the study process.

To become a member of the Student Union Board, students must participate in annual elections held in the spring. The board is elected for one academic year and is divided into the following divisions: Culture, External, Education, and Public Relations.

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Pauls Pērkons

RBS BBA Alumni and Twitter Performance Director at Httpool

“Studying at Riga Business School will provide you with the required resources & tools to get your first steps into the business world. Utilizing the network will set you on a further path & give you the help you need to succeed.”

Lauma Sīle

RBS BBA Alumni and COO at TechChill

“Studies at RBS combine three important components – lecturers with practical experience in the industry, a strong network of highly skilled professionals, and a community that supports you every step of the way. Programs will give a good base of theory and the network will help you reach and explore professional opportunities.”

Klāvs Galviņš

RBS BBA program Year 3 student

“In my opinion, RBS is one of the best places in Latvia for excellent business education in English. RBS is different from other universities because faculty members are very supportive, and the relationship between students and faculty is very friendly. In addition, there are a lot of practical assignments that help to apply advanced theory in practice.”

Elīza Gulbe

RBS BITL program Year 2 student

“I believe that RBS is one of the most innovative universities in the Baltics, as it thrives to deliver its students the benefits of global education at the comfort of their homes.  While studying at RBS, you will work on many exciting projects and meet highly-skilled lecturers who genuinely want you to succeed and grow.”